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[UPDATE: Please check out the CBA Appellate Section’s Judicial Interview Project website.]

Welcome!  This site is brought to you courtesy of the Appellate Advocacy Section of the Connecticut Bar Association in collaboration with the Judicial Branch of the State of Connecticut.  Since 2008, the Appellate Advocacy Section, through a cooperative arrangement with the Judicial Branch, has been pleased to serve the public, the bench and the bar by posting electronic copies of Connecticut Supreme Court briefs. 

Effective September 2014, the Judicial Branch requires e-filing of all briefs in both the Appellate and the Supreme courts.  Moreover, public access to those briefs will be available through the docket inquiry link on the Judicial Branch’s website.  Just type in the docket number of the case or the name of a party and you will be linked to the electronic docket sheet for the case, which will contain links to the parties’ briefs. (Please note that there may be a delay of several days between the date on which a brief is e-filed and when access to the brief becomes available through the electronic docket sheet.)

For the time being at least, the Appellate Advocacy Section will continue to maintain this site, thereby providing access to briefs filed between 2008 and the adoption of the new e-filing rule in the fall of 2014.  Locating briefs on this blog could not be easier!  You can search for cases in a variety of ways.  If you know the last name of a party or the docket number of the case, type the name or number (no need to include the “SC”) into the search engine located near the upper right corner of this page.   Then, just click on the search results.

You can also search for cases based on the court term in which they were argued.  Use the “Categories” link on the right side of this page to find cases argued (or to be argued) in a particular term.  Then, use the scroll-bar to move down through the list of cases.  Alternatively, to locate cases assigned for argument on a specific date, simply type the date of argument (e.g., “March 26, 2009”) into the search engine.

We hope that you find this site useful.  We welcome your comments and suggestions.   Please send your comments here.

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